Joshua Loveday lives in Michigan with his spouse and three dogs. He has published articles in Detroit Metropolitan Woman, the Michigan Chronicle and the Engraver’s Journal. His story THE BEACH was a finalist for the 42nd Flash Fiction Contest by New Millennium Writings, and his story IN THIS LIFE appeared in Grit Magazine. He also wrote regular features for Michigan Tourist Monthly for more than a decade. When not writing, he walks his dogs, pretends to be a chef and shoots pool. He currently writes screenplays. His latest is a sci-fi thriller called BLUE ROGUE–think BLADE RUNNER meets GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Logline: On the verge of being assigned yet another sketchy partner she doesn’t want, a by-the-rules agent is framed for the assassination of the President of the Galactic Commonwealth and is forced to join the misfit band of outlaws she once pursued, but when she finds herself abandoned on a foreign planet, she must learn to depend on others—and maybe break some laws—to find the true mastermind behind the assassination before the authorities find her.

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